Melissa and Kol’s Backyard Wedding

Wedding: Melissa & Kol (Cape Cod, 08/25/12)

Street Photography: Pecha Kucha Kiss

In one of my favorite scenes from Amélie, the narrator describes how the eponymous heroine loves looking at the faces of moviegoers when she is at the cinema (“Parfois, le vendredi soir, Amélie va au cinema. Elle aime se retourner dans le noir pour regarder le visage des autres spectateurs…”). Lately when I’ve gone to public events, I’ve turned my camera on attendees who are often as interesting as the main attraction. At this month’s Pecha Kucha on Grant’s Block, I caught this couple looking like characters in an old Italian film as the woman languidly kisses the man’s face. In reality, it was a peck, there and gone in a flash. Captured in a photo however, it feels like it stretches on forever.

Pecha Kucha Kiss

The particulars of this shot:

Lens: Canon 50mm f1/8

Camera: Canon 60D

Light: ambient streetlights

ISO: 6400

Focal Length: 50 mm

f-stop: 2.2

Shutter Speed: 1/50


Event: Fourth of July Concert at India Point Park

Conductor of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Pops Orchestra, Francisco Noya and Miss USA Olivia Culpo

Families gather to enjoy to RI Philarmonic Pops Orchestra’s annual Fourth of July concert at India Point Park.

Happy pit pull terrier enjoys the sights.

Officer from the Providence Police Department patrols the event.

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Wedding: Nina and PJ

Nina and PJ's Wedding

Waterfire Providence (06/23/2012)

Spogga Hash spinning fire at Waterfire Providence 06/23/2012

Spogga Hash spinning fire at Waterfire Providence.

WaterFire, Providence 20120623

Lighting the fire at Waterfire Providence

Lighting the fire at Waterfire Providence.

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Event: Chifferobe’s An American in Paris

Songstress Niki Luparelli

Songstress Niki Luparelli

Revelers at "An American in Paris" presented by the Dorrance and Chifferobe

Revelers at “An American in Paris” presented by the Dorrance and Chifferobe

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Event: Cirque de Ville by Chifferobe (02/25/2012)

Kristen Misky, Cirque de Ville

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